Professional Development

YPF provides awesome opportunities for personal enrichment, networking, and getting involved in the community through the various programs that are available to members.

Laura Barnes – Grande Cheese

To say YPF changed my life would be an understatement. I truly believe the successes I have made in my personal and professional life have stemmed from my involvement in the organization. I’ve grown from a shy person who could barely look someone in the eye to a committee co-chair and someone who thrives being around others, whether it’s collaborating at planning meetings or enjoying each other’s company at relaxed, informal events. The confidence I’ve gained in myself has allowed me to open myself up to so many other opportunities that I truly don’t believe would have been possible without this awesome organization.

Sarah G. Spang – Envision Greater Fond du Lac

YPF provides insight and opportunities by providing vast amounts of learning, networking and social events.

Amy Collett – Society Insurance

Social Connections

We build relationships and want to keep hanging out.

Andrew Judkins – Judkins Chiropractic, LLC

YPF makes networking fun and rewarding.

Jessica Ehrenberg – Grande Cheese

Community Leadership

Being a young professional and involved in YPF has opened a lot of doors for me. It has enabled me to get to know my community, and the leaders within my community, in ways that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to.

Jenna Floberg – St. Francis Home

YPF has allowed me to become a better leader and provided me with many opportunities to volunteer within the community over the years. This is a great organization to grow personally and professionally! Talk about a wonderful way to meet new people!

Amy Jessen – Michels Corporation

YPF is a rewarding way to share ideas and learn while being involved in shaping a better future for this community.

Garry Moise – Marian University

I’ve met people in our community I would have never had the opportunity to meet before who all have a shared interest in helping our community and each other develop.

Gina Popp – Society Insurance

Business Networking

Being an active member of YPF widens my perspective on how fortunate I am to be a part of such a great community and how valuable the power of partnerships are for personal and professional growth.

Molly Jaster – Marian University

Being part of YPF is a terrific way to build a quality peer network and to really engage in our community.

Holly Brenner – Agnesian HealthCare

YPF has allowed me to learn from proven community leaders.

Joe Truesdale – wisnet.com
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