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Name Company Title Member Since
Abel, Jackie Agnesian HealthCare RN Case Manager 12/10/2015
Adams, Christopher Fond du Lac Dock Spiders Food and Beverage Director/Corporate Sales 11/9/2017
Agnew, Eric Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Albers, Stephanie Horicon Bank Premier Banker 4/7/2010
Anderson, Bria Aurora Health Center Audiologist 1/25/2018
Andrew, Julie Society Insurance Senior Claims Processor 7/7/2015
Andrew, Travis Sweet N Easy Events LLC Event Planner 8/11/2015
Andrew, Lisa FDL School District Instructional Assistant 10/28/2016
Andrew, David Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Inside Sales Manager 11/10/2017
Arnhoelter, Krista Society Insurance HR Manager, Payroll & Benefits 1/6/2006
Arthur, Emily Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Team Lead 7/1/2016
Arthur, Ian Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Property Tax Research Associate 6/24/2016
Aubrey, Megan Grande Scientist 11/10/2017
Auchue, Kelly FDL School District Special Education Teacher 5/11/2018
Aylesworth, Cara Agnesian HealthCare Patient Safety Coordinator 3/3/2017
Babler, Stacey Society Insurance Technical Specialist 5/19/2011
Backhaus, Luke National Exchange Bank & Trust Trust & Wealth Management Associate 8/5/2016
Bader, Christine Aurora Health Center LPN 6/24/2016
Bahr, Tonya Hierl Insurance Benefit Advisor 1/11/2008
Baker, Nicolette Society Insurance WC Claim Representative 2/25/2014
Baldwin, Janelle Agnesian HealthCare Wellness Coordinator 5/4/2018
Bales, Crystal Agnesian HealthCare Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 2/23/2018
Balfour, Brian Agnesian HealthCare 1/24/2014
Ballwanz, Nora FDL School District Special Education Teacher 10/28/2016
Barker, Justine Grande Continuous Improvement Analyst 10/27/2017
Barnes, Laura Grande IT Business Analyst II 4/19/2017
Bartsch, Erica Michels Corporation DOT Administrative Assistant 2/24/2016
Batchelder, Nicole C. D. Smith Construction, Inc. Project Manager Assistant 2/23/2018
Batson, Emily Holiday Automotive Service Business Development Representative 5/12/2015
Baumann, Vanessa Blandine House Inc. AODA Counselor 4/4/2018
Baus, Bill Mercury Marine International Credit Analyst 9/23/2010
Beck, Miranda BCI Burke Company, LLC Production Administrative Assistant 5/1/2017
Beck-Bobholz, Ashley Society Insurance Workers Compensation Senior Claims Specialist 5/11/2018
Becker, Elyse Adashun Jones, Inc. Licensed Personal Assistant 3/30/2016
Behling, Tyler Fond du Lac Family YMCA Sports Coordinator 5/12/2017
Benesh, Jessica Aurora Health Center Market Manager 2/24/2017
Berg, Alexandria FDL School District Drug Free Communities of FDL County / Opioid & Other Drugs Coordinator 9/13/2017
Berndt, Kelci J. F. Ahern Co. Safety Dept Admin 4/27/2017
Bernhard, Cindy Moraine Park Technical College Business Technology & Computer Applications Instructor 10/19/2016
Bertram, Sara Plexus Corporation 1/21/2014
Birschbach, Alicia Aurora Health Center Physical Therapist Assistant 10/20/2017
Birschbach, Whitney Agromatic Inc. Inside Sales 5/4/2017
Birschbach, Matthew Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Birschbach, Nancy Agnesian HealthCare Vice President and CIO 9/10/2012
Bishop, Rohn WI Senate District 18 Chair of FDL Republican Party 2/17/2017
Bitterwolf, Julien Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Bloomer, Angelina J. F. Ahern Co. Supply Chain Planner 3/23/2018
Bobo, Matthew City of FDL Police Dept. Detective 8/30/2017
Bodart von Tish, Amber Verve, a Credit Union Financial Architect 8/12/2016
Boe, Brandon Agnesian HealthCare AODA Counselor 12/1/2017
Boe, Chrissy Agnesian HealthCare Wellness Coordinator 12/16/2015
Boettcher, Leah Verve, a Credit Union Mortgage Loan Coordinator 12/1/2017
Bohnsack, Mariel Society Insurance Senior Claims Representative 4/22/2016
Bollman, Allycia Agnesian HealthCare Health Information Technology - Coding Specialist 10/7/2016
Borkowski, Karen Professional Services Group Safety Services 10/26/2017
Bourland, Dana Moraine Park Technical College Director of College Advancement 6/23/2017
Boyle-Schneider, Brooke Adashun Jones, Inc. Realtor 3/30/2016
Braatz, Kim Moraine Park Technical College Careers Instructor 10/19/2016
Braatz, Jennifer Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Assistant Manager 7/8/2016
Brault, Andy FDL School District Science Teacher 10/28/2016
Braun, Liz Aurora Health Center Patient Service Representative 6/24/2016
Braun, Michayla Marian University Residence Hall Director 7/13/2017
Brenner, Holly Agnesian HealthCare VP Strategic Development & Marketing 3/31/2015
Bresser, Kimberly KickinUpDust Communications, LLC Public Relations 1/7/2013
Breuer, Mary J. F. Ahern Co. Safety Specialist 1/24/2018
Brezinsky, Joan Moraine Park Technical College Alumni & Annual Fund Specialist 10/19/2016
Broske, Kathleen Moraine Park Technical College V.P. Human Resources 10/21/2016
Brown, Tristan Agnesian HealthCare Optometrist 9/13/2017
Bruins, Tom Horicon Bank Teller 3/3/2017
Bruins, Lindsey FDL School District YScreen Program Coordinator 10/28/2016
Bruins, Grace Horicon Bank New Media Marketing Officer 2/24/2017
Bruno, Jenelle First Weber, Inc Real Estate Agent / Marketing & Design Coordinator 10/20/2017
Buchanan, Kristine Moraine Park Technical College Academic Advisor and Adjunct Faculty 10/19/2016
Budelman, Anna Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac, Inc. Program Coordinator 4/6/2017
Budler-Ronzoni, Heather SEEK Careers/Staffing, Inc. Talent Specialist 9/29/2017
Buerger, Nick J. F. Ahern Co. Engineer 1/26/2018
Busker, Andrew FDL School District Recreation Programmer 5/13/2016
Butke, Allison Society Insurance Medical Claims Specialist 3/18/2016
Cairns, John Midwest Dental General Dentist 4/20/2018
Calabresa, Betsy Benvenuto's / Holiday Inn Benvenuto's GM 7/21/2015
Canyurt, Gonca FDL School District Math Teacher 10/28/2016
Cardinal, Lori Agnesian HealthCare Dir. Emergency Department & Hospital Coordinators 3/10/2015
Chapin, Mark FDL School District Instructional Assistant Special Education 10/28/2016
Clift, Colleen Society Insurance Claims Service Manager, HR 2/9/2006
Clinard, Kevin Excel Engineering, Inc. Senior Engineer 9/29/2015
Clinard, Larissa J. F. Ahern Co. Fleet Manager 3/5/2012
Cline, Carly Lutheran Homes & Health Services, Inc. Campus Administrator 12/20/2017
Collett, Amy Society Insurance VP of Human Resources & Administration 5/30/2006
Collien, Kelly Chase Branch Manager 7/7/2015
Collier Anton, Emily Candeo Creative 3/16/2016
Conrad, Aubrey Michels Corporation Sr. Credit Specialist 2/17/2016
Cowles, Joshua Fond du Lac Public Library IT Specialist 12/1/2015
Dahlinger, Julianna J. F. Ahern Co. Accounts Receivable Manager 2/2/2018
Dahlke, Michael wisnet.com, LLC 5/11/2018
Dahman, Renee Moraine Park Technical College Basic Education Instructor 1/13/2017
Dallman, Alex Rep. Glenn Grothman's Office Outreach Representative 1/10/2018
Davies, Mary Moraine Park Technical College Corrections Manager 10/21/2016
Davis, Laura FDL School District Coordinator 5/2/2018
Davis, Foss State of Wisconsin Assistant Distict Attorney 3/10/2017
Deanovich, Joscelyn Big Brothers Big Sisters of FDL County Community Based Program Manager 5/30/2017
Deanovich, Todd McNeilus Steel Safety Manager 7/7/2015
Deli, Jared FDL School District Administration 6/5/2017
DeMaa, Kim Moraine Park Technical College Financial Aid Specialist 10/19/2016
Demers, Megan J. F. Ahern Co. Accounts Receivable Clerk 1/25/2018
Desiderio, Joseph Moraine Park Technical College IT Tech Support Specialist Instructor 4/6/2018
Devine, Laura AFK Corp. Purchasing Agent 9/13/2017
Dewhurst, Marina Aurora Health Center Physical Therapist 7/1/2016
Dickmann, Maggie Agnesian HealthCare Certified Surgical Technologist 4/29/2016
Diedrich, Jolene Mercury Marine Transporation Planner 3/18/2016
Dietzel, Jodi Agnesian HealthCare Director of Clinic Services 3/31/2015
Dimmer, Kati Society Insurance Compliance Analyst II 12/1/2017
Diny, Adam Schenck SC Risk and Internal Audit Services 11/10/2015
Dobogai, Andrea Moraine Park Technical College Nursing Instructor 10/19/2016
Dobyns, Joan Aurora Health Center Registered Nurse 8/12/2016
Donahue, Nicole Warehouse Specialists, Inc. Human Resources Assistant 3/3/2017
Doohan, Shane Society Insurance Actuarial Associate 8/17/2015
Dooley, Samantha Sysco Eastern Wisconsin Marketing Coordinator 4/22/2016
Dorner, Brianna Guaranty Title Services, Inc. 7/1/2016
Dowidat, Sarah Envision Greater Fond du Lac Mktg Manager 5/14/2014
Downhour, Nathan Agnesian HealthCare Business Analyst 3/10/2015
Drabek, Marcia Excel Engineering, Inc. Technician 12/1/2017
Drake, Jenny Grande Information Technology Specialist 10/22/2004
Duffy, Brendan Mercury Marine Product Support Specialist 2/26/2016
Duley, Stephen Mercury Marine Global Supply Chain Analyst 10/20/2017
Dummer, Christopher Fox Valley Savings Bank Mortgage Consultant 12/14/2017
Dunaway, Terri Wright Brothers Paper Box Inventory Control Analyst 2/9/2018
Duncan, Katie Moraine Park Technical College Organizational Development Specialist 10/21/2016
Duran, Michelle Moraine Park Technical College Tutoring Services Specialist 10/19/2016
Duveneck, Kathryn City of Fond du Lac 3/30/2015
Eberle, Lorinda Aurora Health Center PSR 11/9/2017
Edwards, Michael Zacherl, O'Malley & Endejan, S.C. Attorney 7/25/2017
Ehrenberg, Jessica Grande Marketing Admin. Asst. & Sales 1/13/2014
Eimerman, Theresa Society Insurance Sr. Claims Services Rep 7/7/2015
Elliott, Becca Signarama/Flyway Signs & Lighting Service Graphic Designer 5/11/2018
Emanuel, Joshua Goldsmith 9/5/2006
Emmer-Sheldon, Amy Aurora Health Center Pediatrician 9/15/2016
Engelhart, Morgan Agnesian HealthCare Health Coach / St. Francis Terrace 3/10/2015
Ernst, Zach McNeilus Steel Territiry Manager 12/1/2015
Eschendal, Shawn Wisconsin Herd Senior Group Account Executive 2/2/2018
Etta, Katherine Society Insurance Human Resources Generalist 7/7/2015
Evans, Wendy FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Ewerdt, Jenny FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Faeh, John Moraine Park Technical College Security Manager 10/21/2016
Faris, Alison United Manufacturers, Inc./Faris Gourmet Popcorn VP of Development 6/6/2016
Faris, Shelly Chase Teller 8/18/2017
Faymoville, Nicholas Holiday Automotive 12/2/2010
Fedyszyn, Beth Edward Jones Branch Office Administrator 4/18/2016
Fedyszyn, Mike FDL School District Teacher 4/19/2017
Fenrick, Joseph FDL School District Science Teacher 11/4/2016
Ferguson, Lisa Moraine Park Technical College Careers Instructor 10/19/2016
Fett, Kathy Integ-Net Director Agnesian Work & Wellness 3/30/2015
Feucht, Katherine Aurora Health Center Lead LPN 8/12/2016
Fields, Zachary Society Insurance Claims Dept. 7/7/2015
Filipa, Timothy Fond du Lac County Attorney 3/23/2017
Fink, Stacey Schenck SC Accountant 10/20/2017
Fischer, Karen The Commonwealth Companies Regional Property Manager 1/28/2016
Fisher, Shawn Agnesian HealthCare Foundation Coordinator 10/10/2014
Fisher, Chad City of Fond du Lac Parks & C&M Supervisor 1/30/2018
Fisher, Tiffany Aurora Health Center Physical Therapist 2/25/2014
Flanigan, Brenda Moraine Park Technical College Design Specialist 4/28/2017
Floberg, Jenna Villa Loretto Nursing Home Executive Director 9/21/2012
Foster, Lawrence REVCOM President 3/12/2018
Franke, Julie Young Professionals of FDL Hair Stylist 10/22/2015
Franzen, Jessica Mercury Marine 4/8/2016
Freund, Tracy wisnet.com, LLC Support Specialist 7/18/2012
Freund, Aimee Verve, a Credit Union Financial Architect 8/12/2016
Frisch, Cynthia Marian University UBMS Academic Counselor 4/27/2017
Fryman, Amanda National Exchange Bank & Trust Loan Services - Supervisor 6/3/2015
Gamble, Jeremiah Mercury Marine 4/29/2016
Garcia, Danny Parks Law Offices, LLC Attorney 9/13/2017
Gellings, Beau Moraine Park Technical College Economic & Workforce Development Rep 5/19/2014
Gens, Bree Goebel Insurance & Financial, Inc. Health Insurance Advisor 8/17/2017
Gens, Connie The Arc Fond du Lac Case Manager 6/15/2015
Giles, Ben Fond du Lac Family YMCA Membership Sales 5/12/2017
Gillett, Carrie Mercury Marine Materials Planner 3/4/2016
Ginard, Beth SLS Photography / Brady Corp Graphic Designer / Photographer 8/14/2017
Gindt, Katherine Sophia Operations Administrator 4/19/2017
Gneiser, Zachary Agnesian HealthCare Business Analyst 6/16/2017
Goebel, Tony Goebel Insurance & Financial, Inc. 12/2/2013
Goeglein, Tracy Kurki-Mach Funeral Chapel & Crematory Office Manager 2/23/2018
Goehler, Kristin Mercury Marine Distribution Supervisor 3/18/2016
Goetsch, Robert Agnesian HealthCare Desktop Support Analyst 7/22/2016
Golla, Susan FDL School District Recreation Secretary 10/28/2016
Goodfellow, James Heartland Payment Systems Merchant Services 4/20/2018
Gorham, Ryan Verve, a Credit Union Financial Architect 8/12/2016
Gorham, Julie Excel Engineering, Inc. Engineer 10/28/2016
Greeno, Jeff J. F. Ahern Co. Senior CAD Designer 4/27/2017
Gremminger, Danette Agnesian HealthCare LPN 11/2/2015
Gritt-Franzen, Nicki Agnesian HealthCare Supervisor 3/10/2015
Gross, Matt Excel Engineering, Inc. Sr. Designer 1 5/11/2018
Gudex, Quinn Society Insurance Network/Systems Engineer II, IS 1/7/2008
Gudex, Stephanie Lutheran Homes & Health Services, Inc. Social Services Mgr 7/8/2011
Guelig, Tara Aurora Health Center LPN 8/12/2016
Guelig, Tiffany J. F. Ahern Co. Purchasing Manager 5/12/2017
Guell, Joshua Grande Production Associate 3/1/2013
Guell, Elizabeth Mercury Marine 3/31/2016
Gulbronson, Joshua FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Gunderson, Chad INFO-PRO Lender Services 12/16/2016
Guseck, Becky National Exchange Bank & Trust Internal Auditor 9/28/2015
Haase, Ryan Society Insurance HR Manager 1/13/2006
Haen, Brooke Agnesian HealthCare Human Resources Assistant 6/3/2015
Hafermann, Brittney McNeilus Steel Sales Assistant 11/23/2016
Hafermann, Carla Excel Engineering, Inc. Project Assistant 9/29/2015
Halfmann, Katherine Lutheran Homes & Health Services, Inc. Human Resource Generalist 1/10/2018
Hall, Andrew Fox Valley Savings Bank Mortgage Originator 8/17/2015
Hall, Lisa Agnesian HealthCare Behavioral Health Support Specialist 1/11/2016
Halter, Matthew FDL School District Special Education Teacher 10/28/2016
Hammer, Joanie FDL School District Teacher 5/30/2017
Hammes, David Family Focus Eye Care 2/16/2006
Hanrahan, Jessica Agnesian HealthCare RN Clinical Supervisor 2/26/2016
Harding, Ryan Mercury Marine Financial Analyst 9/20/2010
Harmsen, Amy Moraine Park Technical College Office Technology & Computer Applications Instructor 10/19/2016
Hart, Samantha FDL School District Orchestra Teacher 11/1/2016
Harvey, Jennifer Zacherl Funeral Home, Inc. 3/16/2016
Hatch, Holly Aurora Health Center Physical Therapist 7/15/2016
Hatlen, Mary Marian University Director of Career Services 8/26/2015
Hau, Nicki National Exchange Bank & Trust Human Resources Administrator 6/4/2015
Hawkins, Nicole FDL School District Art Teacher 9/28/2017
Hayes, Emily Moraine Park Technical College Reading/Writing Instructor 10/19/2016
Hays, Cara Society Insurance Claims Service Rep-HR 2/23/2018
Hebert II, Maynard Colonial Life ADM 3/15/2016
Heidl, Mike Westphal Creative Director 1/7/2016
Heim, Tiffany Boys & Girls Club of Fond du Lac, Inc. Dir. Resource Development 5/1/2009
Heisler, Sarah J. F. Ahern Co. Executive Administrative Assistant 11/10/2010
Heitzman, Susan FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Hemmer, Mercedes Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. Marketing Assistant/Social Media Marketer 4/8/2016
Hendrick, Benjamin Grande Business Intelligence Engineer - Analytics 11/3/2017
Henke, Stephanie J. F. Ahern Co. AR Clerk 4/6/2018
Henslin, D.C., M.S., Bryan Agnesian Chiropractic Care 7/26/2012
Herlache, Lauren Signarama/Flyway Signs & Lighting Service Production Manager 1/7/2014
Hess, Kimberly Moraine Park Technical College Accounts Receivable Specialist 10/19/2016
Heus, Kay Aurora Health Center LPN 9/2/2016
Hietpas, Ashley FDL School District Teacher 11/4/2016
Higgins, Cassie The Arc Fond du Lac Development Manager 6/15/2015
Hilt, Kristine Moraine Park Technical College Administrative Aide 10/28/2016
Hintz, Jenna Huberty CPAs & Trusted Advisors CPA 10/10/2014
Hoepfner, Kimberly Young Professionals of FDL 1/7/2014
Holmes, Catherine Agnesian HealthCare Patient Account Specialist 7/8/2016
Holmes, Chris Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Holzer, Anthony J. F. Ahern Co. Estimator 4/25/2017
Holzinger, Joseph C. D. Smith Construction, Inc. Project Manager 1/12/2018
Hostettler, Aimee Grande Business Partner II 6/25/2007
Howard, Emily FDL School District Media Specialist 10/28/2016
Huegli, Megan Grande Scientist 5/29/2014
Hughes, Rachel Excel Engineering, Inc. Architectural Technician 10/14/2015
Huth, Karl Mercury Marine Inventory Control Manager 8/19/2016
Huth, Maryann Moraine Park Technical College Instructional Aide 10/21/2016
Ihlen, Benjamin Excel Engineering, Inc. Structural Designer 9/29/2015
Immel, Matt Immel Insurance & Financial Services VP Operations 10/4/2010
Ingram, Joshua Mercury Marine Employee Relations Representative 4/29/2014
Jackson, Stephanie Aurora Health Center Pharmacy Manager 7/15/2016
Jacobs, Jourdan Society Insurance Agency support & Mktg Specialist 7/8/2013
Jahnke, Erika FDL School District General Music Teacher - Chegwin 10/28/2016
Janse, Cayden Spectrum Insurance Group Commercial Lines Agent 5/15/2017
Janus, Lori Excel Engineering, Inc. CAD Technician III 10/27/2017
Jarvey, Anne Mercury Marine Test Engineer 4/15/2016
Jaster, Molly Marian University Special Events Coordinator 10/28/2010
Jessen, Amy Michels Corporation Corporate Event Planning 7/19/2011
Johnson, Rebecca Holiday Automotive BDC Director 10/27/2017
Johnson, Collin Mercury Marine Demand Planning Analyst 8/19/2016
Johnson, Lisa Mercury Marine Planning & Distribution Analyst 2/26/2016
Johnson, Erik Grande Treasury Analyst 5/11/2018
Johnson, Gina Remedy Intelligent Staffing Recruiter 12/5/2014
Judkins, Andrew Agnesian Chiropractic Care President 8/4/2005
Juknialis, Greta Moraine Park Technical College 10/28/2016
Julka, Cari Society Insurance WC Claims Representative 1 3/4/2016
Kaiser, Sara Agnesian HealthCare Agnesian Beyond Boundaries of Autism 1/4/2016
Kamphuis, Nicole FDL School District Reading Specialist 10/28/2016
Kaniess, Anna Agnesian HealthCare 1/26/2018
Kant, Doug Excel Engineering, Inc. Senior Engineer 9/29/2015
Kapler, Tracie Guaranty Title Services, Inc. 7/14/2017
Kennedy, Erik Aurora Health Center Community Impact Coordinator Senior 7/1/2016
Kern, Taima Action Reporter Media Reporter Editor 1/12/2017
Kimball, Jessica The Arc Fond du Lac Director Adult Day Services, BSW 6/15/2015
Kimball, Brittany FDL School District Cross Categorical Special Education Teacher 8/25/2017
Kirker, Lisa Agnesian HealthCare Director of Home Health Services 3/30/2015
Kirkpatrick, Scott wisnet.com, LLC Creative Director 5/11/2015
Klebs, Melissa Agnesian HealthCare Bereavement Service Supervisor 1/12/2018
Klemm, Karri National Exchange Bank & Trust Mktg Coordinator 7/19/2012
Klemp, Brendon McNeilus Steel 5/11/2018
Klemp, Kenny McNeilus Steel Supervisor 7/7/2015
Knaus, Kendra Knaus Cheese, Inc. 4/9/2013
Knuth, Jenny wisnet.com, LLC Art Director 12/15/2006
Koenigs, Kelly Schenck SC Administrative 11/3/2017
Koenings, Beth Agnesian HealthCare Clinical Informatics Consulant 5/5/2017
Kohlman, Andrea Holiday Automotive Service Business Development 3/31/2014
Kok, Victoria Agnesian HealthCare RN 4/20/2018
Kolstad, Rick wisnet.com, LLC Owner 5/11/2015
Kolstad, Brian wisnet.com, LLC Senior Application Developer 5/11/2015
Konkel, Rachel Society Insurance Claims Representative 2/26/2015
Koppenhaver, Melissa Moraine Park Technical College Administrative Aide to the Director of Admissions 12/16/2016
Kost, Kelsey Mercury Marine Predictive Analytics Associate 4/29/2016
Kostac, Jill Grande HR Business Partner 8/12/2013
Kottke, Anna Horicon Bank Sr. Financial Advisor 11/28/2007
Kraemer, Tanya Society Insurance Billing CSR, Finance 8/11/2011
Kramer-Thanos, Katie Grande 3/11/2016
Kraus, Paul Mercury Marine 6/17/2016
Kraus, Angela Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 3/31/2014
Krause, Kristy Agnesian HealthCare RN 7/26/2016
Krikau, Dusty Downtown FDL Partnership Director of Special Events and Communication 10/19/2017
Krueger, Christine FDL School District Teacher 5/30/2017
Krug, John Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/11/2015
Kuim, Samantha FDL School District Early Childhood Teacher 8/25/2017
Kulick, Jessica Family Focus Eye Care Optometrist 3/23/2018
Landowski, Maggie Michels Corporation Marketing Assistant 12/14/2015
Langenfeld, Gregg Mercury Marine Design Engineer 3/18/2016
Leaman, Steve Horicon Bank Vice President 2/24/2017
Leavitt, Becky Schenck SC Manager 11/10/2017
Leb, Michael Leb Insurance Group President 2/29/2016
Lebakken, Cheryl Society Insurance Claims Representative 3/10/2015
Lee, Ka Mee QPS Employment Group Placement Coordinator II 1/20/2017
Leffin, Denae Agnesian HealthCare Self Contained EBD Aide 10/28/2016
Lehman, Jessica Fox Valley Savings Bank Commercial Credit Analyst 3/7/2013
Lehman-Barnes, Holly Forward Service Corporation Outreach Specialist 3/3/2017
Lehner, Bryan Schenck SC Audit Supervisor, CPA 11/3/2017
Lehner, Craig Society Insurance Business Analyst 5/29/2013
Lemieux, Jaimie Signarama/Flyway Signs & Lighting Service Client Account Specialist 3/3/2017
Lemke, Anne Moraine Park Technical College Experiential Learning Coordinator 7/25/2017
Lenz, Michael Grande Business Intelligence Engineer - ETL 11/3/2017
Lepley, Grant Family Focus Eye Care Optometrist 3/23/2018
LeRoy, Elizabeth Excel Engineering, Inc. Civil Engineer 5/11/2018
Lesser, Jacklyn Excel Engineering, Inc. Designer 1 11/11/2016
Lewis, Danica FDL School District Teacher 2/3/2017
Lewis, Matthew Mercury Marine Quality Engineer 2/26/2016
Lichtensteiger, Ashley Mercury Marine Credit Administrator 8/5/2016
Liebert, Mike Grande Treasury Analyst 3/25/2015
Lloyd, Nicole Agnesian HealthCare Patient Experience Coordinator 4/29/2016
Lloyd, Erika Moraine Park Technical College Learning Resource Center Technician 10/19/2016
Loehr, Becky Society Insurance Sales and Marketing Specialist 4/8/2015
Logan, Nathan Schenck SC Manager 11/10/2017
Lohry, Kristin J. F. Ahern Co. Project Coordinator 1/25/2018
Lowe, Cassie Guaranty Title Services, Inc. 7/1/2016
Lowery, Annette J. F. Ahern Co. Senior Drafter 2/9/2018
Lubben, Amy FDL School District Instructional Coach 10/28/2016
Ludvigsen, Tasha J. F. Ahern Co. AR Accounting Clerk 1/26/2018
Lueck, Stephanie Moraine Park Technical College Financial Aid Specialist 10/20/2016
Luehring, Lee Agnesian HealthCare 11/2/2015
Luehring, Holly Michels Corporation Director of Marketing & Social Media 2/14/2014
Lund, Chris McNeilus Steel Sales 7/24/2012
Magner, Shantel St. Francis Home of Fond du Lac, WI Inc. RN 5/11/2018
Major, Jake J. F. Ahern Co. Supply Chain Planner 4/25/2017
Mallas, Mitch McNeilus Steel 5/11/2018
Malterer, Cheyenne Fond du Lac Family YMCA Marketing Coordinator 6/19/2017
Mand, Bobbi FDL School District Teacher - STEM Institute 10/28/2016
Mansueto, Stacy FDL School District Social Worker / Counselor 8/25/2017
Manthey, Rita Chase Assistant Branch Manager 7/7/2015
Marchionda-Schneider, Gina FDL School District Second Grade Teacher 10/28/2016
Margelofsky, Kimberly Horicon Bank LPL Registered Administrative Associate 3/10/2017
Margelofsky, Larry The Commonwealth Companies Landscape Sales & Maintenance Manager 2/26/2016
Marquardt, Ken McNeilus Steel Transportation Manager 7/7/2015
Marschall, Alex Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Martin, Jon Bay-Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America District Executive 9/28/2015
Martin, Luke The Commonwealth Companies Project Manager 2/26/2016
Martis, Lisa Aurora Health Center Registered Nurse 9/23/2016
Mashock, Nicole FDL School District Teacher 11/7/2016
Matteson, Jennifer Moraine Park Technical College Administrative Assistant - Business 10/19/2016
Matuszewski, Stacey FDL School District Special Education Teacher 10/28/2016
May, Cookie Signarama/Flyway Signs & Lighting Service Client Account Specialist 5/11/2018
McCartney, Debbie Dental Studio 2/7/2018
McCarty, Laura Society Insurance Small Business Underwriter, Comm. 8/11/2011
McClanathan, Kelly Jo BCI Burke Company, LLC Marketing Coordinator 4/19/2017
McClone, Sam McClone Risk Advisor - Medicare Planning 5/12/2005
McClone, Susan Society Insurance Legal Assistant 5/27/2016
McClyman, Tim FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
McCormick, Amanda FDL School District 7th Grande Language Arts Teacher 10/28/2016
McDermott, Josh Grande IT Project Manager 6/3/2015
McGauley, Monica Moraine Park Technical College 10/20/2016
McKay, Chelsea St. Mary's Springs Academy Marketing & Communication Coordinator 4/6/2018
McKay, Laurie Agnesian HealthCare Supervisor of Accounting Services 5/12/2015
Meenk, Amie McNeilus Steel Outside Sales 7/7/2015
Meggas, Lindsay Agnesian HealthCare Nurse Practitioner 5/11/2018
Meier, Mark wisnet.com, LLC Senior Programmer 5/11/2015
Meihack, Annette Moraine Park Technical College Instructor 10/21/2016
Melody, Blaine Country Hills Animal Health & Quality Milk Service Associate Veterinarian 10/31/2017
Menting, Andrew Light of Dawn Photography Owner 2/26/2018
Menting, Theresa Anne Sweet N Easy Events LLC Owner 11/11/2013
Merk, Brittany Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Lender Services 7/1/2016
Merten, Michelle Mercury Marine Warehouse Administrator 1/20/2017
Metke, Maria Fond du Lac Regional Clinic Supervisor of Clinical Services 3/31/2015
Meyer, Nicki Agnesian HealthCare Registered Nurse 4/20/2018
Meyer, Julie Moraine Park Technical College Security Officer 10/21/2016
Michels, Jennifer Mercury Marine Category Manager 7/13/2017
Midthun, Kirk McNeilus Steel 3/24/2015
Mielkie, Brooke Agnesian HealthCare RN Clinical Informatics Consultant 4/6/2018
Mikle, Ryan Summit Automotive Used Car Manager 3/5/2018
Mittelsteadt, Gregory Moraine Park Technical College Credit for Prior Learning Specialist 10/20/2016
Moede, Ryan Fond du Lac Dock Spiders General Manager 11/9/2017
Moise, Garry Marian University 11/7/2013
Moore, Nicole Agnesian HealthCare Supervisor in Medical Imaging 5/11/2015
Moret, Taylor Society Insurance Marketing Coordinator 1/20/2017
Morris, Heather Holiday Automotive Business Development Center Specialist 7/1/2016
Morris, Michelle Agnesian HealthCare Receptionist 4/15/2016
Morrissey, Katie Chase Teller 7/7/2015
Moses, Margaret Edward Jones Financial Advisor 7/13/2017
Much, Craig Fox Valley Savings Bank 1/11/2017
Mueller, Andrew Holiday Automotive Head of Video Operations 3/31/2014
Mueller, Samantha ADVOCAP, Inc. Grant Writer 11/9/2017
Mueller, Shana INFO-PRO Lender Services Agency Relations Specialist 1/12/2018
Mueller, Melinda FDL School District Teacher 5/30/2017
Murnane, Molly Mercury Marine Talent Development Manager 3/18/2016
Murphy, Richard J. F. Ahern Co. Sheetmetal PreApprentice 5/11/2018
Murphy, Kerry Horicon Bank CSR Trainer 2/24/2017
Musack, Joshua City of Fond du Lac Purchasing Manager 1/29/2018
Nagan, Joe Whispering Springs Golf Club Pro Shop Manager 3/31/2016
Neese, Justin Excel Engineering, Inc. Technology Solutions Architect 11/7/2016
Nehring, Samantha Mercury Marine Project Manager 8/14/2017
Nehring, Matthew Matt's DJ Service Owner 11/10/2015
Nell, Nick Mercury Marine Compensation, Benefits & HRIS Analyst 6/23/2011
Nelson, Elizabeth FDL School District Family and Consumer Science Teacher 9/13/2017
Nett, Riley Huberty CPAs & Trusted Advisors CPA 11/3/2017
Nickel, Tiffany Verve, a Credit Union Member Associate 3/9/2018
Nida, Nick Mercury Marine Integration Engineer - Outboard 4/15/2016
Nielsen, Brad Grande Financial Analyst 11/9/2004
Nigl, Lisa FDL School District Instructional Coach 10/28/2016
Ninmer, Sarah Moraine Park Technical College Marketing Instructor 2/23/2018
Noble, Taylor Society Insurance Business Analyst 7/7/2015
Noworatzky, Jason Mercury Marine Manufacturing Engineer 2/26/2016
Nunez, Ellie Agnesian HealthCare Echo Tech 2/23/2018
Oechsner, Nicole Renaissance Salon LLC Owner / Stylist 1/12/2018
Ogi, Kallie Excel Engineering, Inc. Interior Designer 9/29/2015
Olig, Kim Excel Engineering, Inc. Project Assistant 10/8/2015
Olsen-Winkler, Robin FDL School District Reading Specialist 11/4/2016
Omland, Nicki J. F. Ahern Co. Supply Chain Analyst 5/12/2017
Osborn, Donna FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Ott, Melissa School District of North Fond du Lac Teacher / Aide 11/3/2017
Pansier, Lindsay Horicon Bank Branch Manager 3/3/2017
Parafiniuk, Sadie Rep. Glenn Grothman's Office Deputy District Director 3/18/2016
Parker, Zack Agnesian HealthCare 3/10/2015
Patt, Crystal Downtown FDL Partnership Bookkeeper & Research Assistant 3/13/2018
Pattee, Glen McNeilus Steel Maintenance Manager 7/7/2015
Paulick, Jason Mercury Marine Technical Illustrator 2/23/2018
Pauly, Jean McNeilus Steel Human Resource Manager 7/7/2015
Pauly, Nathan McNeilus Steel IT 7/7/2015
Pausha, Becky Mercury Marine Machining Quality Engineer 8/5/2016
Pausma, Joseph Mercury Marine IT Project Manager 5/1/2017
Perez, Ema QPS Employment Group Placement Coordinator 1/20/2017
Perrington, Amber Signarama/Flyway Signs & Lighting Service Outside Sales 5/4/2017
Peterson, Amanda Grande Software Engineer 8/25/2017
Peterson, Erik Holiday Automotive Graphic Artist 5/11/2015
Petrack Retzlaff, Britany Chase Teller 8/18/2017
Petrie, Kate Grande Applied Technology Food Scientist 11/10/2017
Petrie, Lucus The Commonwealth Companies Director of Project Management 2/26/2016
Petrie, Mollie Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc. Purchasing/Inside Sales 2/20/2014
Petrowitz, Melanie Moraine Park Technical College Facilities Managment Assistant 1/25/2018
Pfluger, Kristen FDL School District Teacher 2/16/2018
Phillips, Jessica J. F. Ahern Co. Administrative Assistant 4/27/2017
Pielow, Madalyn Mercury Marine Electrical Engineer 5/27/2016
Pilak, Julie St. Francis Home of Fond du Lac, WI Inc. RN Cinical Supervisor 3/30/2015
Pinno, Amy Agnesian HealthCare Administrative Specialist 5/6/2016
Placek, Casey Kondex Corporation Lead Metallurgist 1/15/2014
Plamann, Larry Moraine Park Technical College Director of Network Services 10/21/2016
Plato, Nicole Fond du Lac Credit Union Lending Specialist 8/8/2017
Podell, Rob Mercury Marine Sr. Industrial Designer 3/4/2016
Pogorelec, Kate FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Pogorelec, Mike Bank of Oakfield Consumer Loan Originator 9/28/2017
Poirier, Cassie Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. Scientist 3/23/2018
Polfer, Daniel Michels Corporation IT Security Administrator 1/30/2018
Pooler, Victoria Aurora Health Center Patient Service Rep 11/3/2017
Popp, Gina Society Insurance IT Manager -Application Development Services 10/19/2010
Puddy, Megan Agnesian HealthCare Board Certified Behavior Analyst 12/22/2015
Puetz, Ashley wisnet.com, LLC 9/28/2017
Putzer, Bart Moraine Park Technical College Creative Services Manager 4/28/2017
Quam, Kirsten Fox Valley Savings Bank Marketing Director 8/30/2007
Rademann, Brock Rademann Stone & Landscape Co., Inc. Operational Development 5/30/2017
Rapp, Heather FDL School District Business and Information Technology Teacher 1/27/2017
Rasch, Casanna FDL School District 10/28/2016
Raskiewicz, Kelsea J. F. Ahern Co. HR Operations Manager 1/8/2014
Rauls, Gretchen Agnesian HealthCare Office Support Specialist 7/15/2016
Rebholz, Kirsten Marian University Residence Hall Director 7/13/2017
Redmann, Gina Agnesian HealthCare RN Supervisor 3/10/2015
Reifsnider, Shannon Agnesian HealthCare Technical Support Specialist 6/4/2015
Reinke, Katie Agnesian HealthCare Director of Pharmacy 4/15/2016
Reysen, Danielle Agnesian HealthCare Supervisor-Neuro/Sleep 3/31/2015
Rhoades, Greg Agnesian HealthCare Business Analyst 9/13/2017
Richter, Eric Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Richter, Haley Caliber Home Loans 7/13/2017
Rieder, Andrew Generac Industrial Engineering Technician 9/13/2017
Rieder, Tasha Deloitte & Touche Senior Auditor 9/13/2017
Riemersma, Ron Badgerland Youth for Christ Executive Director 9/13/2017
Riley, Elysha Alliance Manufacturing, Inc. Accountant/HR Manager 3/23/2017
Roberts, Kelly Society Insurance Senior Technical Specialist, WC Claims 8/28/2008
Rodriguez, Julian Mercury Marine Heat Treat Lab Tech 3/18/2016
Roeder, Melina J. F. Ahern Co. HR Coordinator 5/11/2018
Roehrig, Rhonda Moraine Park Technical College Careers Instructor 10/20/2016
Roehrig, Julie Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Escrow Processing Specialist 7/14/2017
Rohde, Melanie Mercury Marine Logistics 3/11/2016
Roloff, Stacie Society Insurance Small Business Underwriter 8/19/2011
Rommelfaenger, Jenna Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc. ISO & Quality Manager 6/9/2015
Rooney, Breck Society Insurance Commercial Underwriter 6/19/2013
Rose, Tara 44 North Advertising & Design, LLC 4/25/2017
Roth, Bryce Verve, a Credit Union Marketing 12/1/2017
Runge, Jackie Fond du Lac Area Foundation Development Associate 5/6/2016
Russell, Karen FDL School District Pupil Services Administration Center 10/28/2016
Sales, Lindsay Aurora Health Center Chiropractic Technician 6/24/2016
Saunders, Carly Society Insurance Claim Rep 8/30/2012
Schaefer, Jesaca Aurora Health Center LPN 2/17/2017
Schaefer, Maris Agnesian Pharmacy Pharmacist 6/3/2015
Schaeve, Rachel Grande HR Business Partner II 11/1/2013
Schaeve, Kara Badger Liquor Co., Inc. Sales 4/20/2018
Schanilec, Taylor Verve, a Credit Union Member Advocate 2/16/2018
Scharschmidt, Kim Agnesian HealthCare RN Clinical Educator 7/22/2016
Schiek, Christine First Weber, Inc 1/7/2016
Schingen, Jeremy Dynamic Chiropractic & Wellness Way Clinic Chiropractor 4/25/2017
Schlicht, Amy Aurora Health Center Manager of Clinic Operations 8/11/2017
Schmidt, Ariana Marine Credit Union Member Service Representative 10/31/2017
Schmidt, Melissa Moraine Park Technical College Transition Specialist 10/19/2016
Schmitz, Alexandria Agnesian HealthCare Financial Counselor 12/7/2015
Schmitz, Brett Summit Automotive Internet Media/Inventory Manager 11/16/2016
Schmitz, Caleb Wabash National Engineer 2/16/2018
Schmitz, Michelle Agnesian HealthCare Office Support Specialist 9/28/2017
Schmitz, Natalie Moraine Park Technical College College Advancement Assistant 10/19/2016
Schmuhl, Suzie Agnesian HealthCare Clinical Educator 7/22/2016
Schneider, Tracy Society Insurance Claims Manager 5/11/2018
Schneider, Jamie Holiday Automotive Product Specialis 5/11/2015
Scholz, Susan Aurora Health Center Care Management Coordinator 11/3/2017
Schowalter, Karah J. F. Ahern Co. Project Coordinator 4/6/2018
Schrader, Peter Mercury Marine Category Analyst - Propeller 2/23/2018
Schroeder, Melanie Moraine Park Technical College Student Involvement Specialist 10/19/2016
Schuessler, Joe Nehls Law Office, S.C. Attorney 12/2/2015
Schultz, Sarah Grande Marketing and Sales Assistant 8/17/2015
Schumacher, Jessica SLS Photography Photographer 8/14/2017
Schumacher, Ron McNeilus Steel Maintenance 7/7/2015
Schumacher, Ross McNeilus Steel Territory Manager 12/1/2015
Schumacher, Brad Schu Electric LLC Electrical Contractor 8/4/2017
Schumacher, Staci Agnesian HealthCare Volunteer Coordinator 4/29/2016
Schumacher, Michael Michels Corporation Business Development/Sales 10/26/2010
Schumacher, Michelle J. F. Ahern Co. 8/28/2017
Schuttenhelm, Anna Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Inc. Membership Coordinator 5/30/2017
Searl, Cliff Agnesian HealthCare Registered Nurse 6/3/2015
Seefeld, Bernadette Envision Greater Fond du Lac Dir. of Educational Programs 9/15/2016
Seibel, Beth Society Insurance Sr. Accountant 5/29/2014
Seidl, Nicole Michels Corporation Digital Marketing Coordinator 1/30/2018
Seyfert, Jamie Mercury Marine Business Intelligence Manager 2/26/2016
Sheil, Emily Chase Personal Banker 9/6/2016
Siepmann, Joelle Society Insurance Human Resources Generalist 5/11/2015
Simon, Sharon FDL School District Director of Human Resources 10/28/2016
Simons, Taylor Holiday Automotive Business Development Assc. 5/12/2015
Sinotte, Cheryl The Commonwealth Companies Administrative Construction Assistant 2/19/2016
Sippel, Ashley J. F. Ahern Co. Supply Chain Coordinator 1/24/2018
Sippel, Ryan Excel Engineering, Inc. Designer 5/11/2018
Smith, Jennifer Big Brothers Big Sisters of FDL County Community Based Coordinator 5/30/2017
Snyder, Pete Moraine Park Technical College Associate Dean of Basic Education 10/20/2016
Soerens, Abigail HCR - ManorCare #444 Activity Director 4/22/2016
Sonnenfeld, Corissa Forward Service Corporation Skills Instructor 3/3/2017
Sonnentag, Taylor Society Insurance Claims Services Representative 2/2/2018
Spang, Sarah Envision Greater Fond du Lac Director of Strategic Initiatives 3/7/2013
Sperger, Becca Society Insurance Continuous Improvement Manager 3/10/2008
Sprouse, Andrea Society Insurance Claims Services Processor 7/7/2015
Stadler, Colleen Mercury Marine 4/29/2016
Stark, Andy J. F. Ahern Co. Fire Protection Designer 4/25/2017
Stecker, Nicole Moraine Park Technical College Research Specialist 10/20/2016
Steffes, Jodi Radio Plus/WFDL, WMDC, WTCX, AM1170 Account Executive 6/2/2008
Steger, Matthew J. F. Ahern Co. Drafting Manager 4/6/2018
Steinke, Amy Wildtree Team Leader 9/8/2016
Stenz-Hawkins, Ariyl Mercury Marine Logistics Analyst 3/18/2016
Stephens, Jennifer Agnesian HealthCare Hospice Volunteer Coordinator 4/29/2016
Stephens, Shaun Agnesian HealthCare Pharmacy Manager 4/29/2016
Stiff, Marissa Mercury Marine MRO Buyer 5/5/2017
Stigler, Julie National Exchange Bank & Trust eBanking Business Specialist 6/19/2015
Stolte, Christopher Mercury Marine Software Engineer 2/26/2016
Storandt, Kyle Excel Engineering, Inc. Technician 1 9/29/2015
Strehlow, Shana Adecco Recruiter 4/16/2014
Stretsbery, Kelsey FDL School District Special Education Teacher 10/28/2016
Strittmatter, Elizabeth North Fond du Lac Clinic Family Medicine Physician 8/17/2015
Strittmatter, Adam Agnesian HealthCare Plaza Ophthalmologist 8/17/2015
Stroede, Matthew Ameriprise Financial Services Financial Advisor 1/24/2018
Stubbe, Chris Society Insurance Claims Representative 3/4/2016
Stueber, Jeff Moraine Park Technical College Business Management Instructor 2/4/2014
Swain, Angie Guaranty Title Services, Inc. Property Tax Research Associate 3/3/2017
Synott, Ann Agnesian HealthCare Receptionist 4/29/2016
Szatkowski, Justin Chase Mortgage Banker 7/7/2015
Talbert, Shavana FDL School District District Equity Coach 5/12/2017
Tank, Katie St. Mary's Springs Academy 7/30/2013
Tate, Jason Agnesian HealthCare Director of Operations Improvement 12/7/2015
Tate, Missy Agnesian HealthCare Grande Health & Wellness Clinic Supervisor 3/31/2015
Te Stroete, Jesee Hometown Bank Operations Officer 10/10/2014
Tease, Rachel Moraine Park Technical College ELL/Basic Education Instructor 5/4/2018
Teifke, Amy Adashun Jones, Inc. Realtor 3/30/2016
Theisen, Ryan Summit Automotive Chief Financial Officer 10/31/2017
Thern, Sarah McNeilus Steel Sales Assistant 7/7/2015
Thiel, Becky FDL School District Reading Specialist 10/28/2016
Thiem, Korlea Agnesian HealthCare HR Assisant 6/3/2015
Thomas, John Society Insurance Application Developer 4/27/2018
Thomas, Anna Agnesian HealthCare Medical Support Specialist 5/30/2017
Thompson, Larry Mercury Marine Parts and Accessories Account Rep 3/15/2017
Thompson, Denise FDL School District Instructional Assistant, Student Specific 10/28/2016
Thompson, Hannah FDL School District Teacher 9/13/2017
Thoreson, Ashley Society Insurance Claims Processor 11/2/2015
Thornton, Megan Walgreen's - Store # 3010 District Manager 12/15/2017
Tillman, Kevin Young Professionals of FDL Financial Advisor 10/7/2014
Timmons, Conor Holiday Automotive Automotive Detailer 7/13/2017
Todd, Zack McNeilus Steel Inside Sales 4/27/2018
Tollefson, Pamela Edward Jones Financial Advisor 8/28/2013
Toney, Eric Fond du Lac County District Attorney 4/25/2017
Tousey, Judy Agnesian HealthCare Enviromental Service Tech 7/22/2016
Trautschold, Ashley Agnesian HealthCare 8/5/2016
Treichel, Kate Agnesian HealthCare Clinical Nurse Educator 7/22/2016
Truesdale, Joe wisnet.com, LLC 8/4/2011
Van Buren, Donna Agnesian HealthCare 3/12/2015
Van Calster, Jordan Mercury Marine Quality Engineer Co-op 1/24/2018
Van Kirk, Robert Horicon Bank Vice President - Treasury Management 3/3/2017
Vande Zande, Debra Agnesian HealthCare Business Analyst 5/11/2015
Vande Zande, Eric Schenck SC Supervisor 7/27/2007
Vanden Avond, David Excel Engineering, Inc. Architect 12/7/2015
Vanderheyden, Josh Agnesian HealthCare Desktop Support Analyst 6/11/2015
VanderWeele, Vanessa Fond du Lac County Historical Society Operations Supervisor 9/29/2017
Vaughan, Rachel Agnesian HealthCare Event Specialist 4/20/2018
Vazquez, Beatriz FDL School District 2nd Grade Teacher 10/28/2016
Velasco, Carol Moraine Park Technical College Advertising and Social Media Manager 12/16/2016
Venhuizen, Joe Envision Greater Fond du Lac Director of Membership and Programs 11/7/2016
Venhuizen, Melissa Agnesian HealthCare Social Work Care Manager 11/23/2016
Vercauteren, Zachary Agnesian HealthCare Clinical Supervisor 12/1/2017
Vergeront, David Schmitt Title LLC Director of Lending 8/8/2017
Vice-Reshel, Jennifer FDL School District CSI Operations Coordinator 11/23/2016
Vice-Reshel, Leann Agnesian HealthCare Psychology Intern 2/11/2016
Vixmer, Linda Society Insurance Commercial Processor 2/19/2016
Volz, Jessica Aurora Health Center RN 7/1/2016
Wacek, Luke Johnsonville Sausage, LLC Financial Analyst 4/25/2014
Wachholz, Kimberly J. F. Ahern Co. HR Business Manager 4/27/2017
Wagner, Peter Agnesian HealthCare Financial Analyst 3/24/2017
Wagner, Briana Grande Strategic Projects & Continuous Improvement Manager 5/4/2015
Wagner, Melissa Agnesian HealthCare Educator 3/10/2015
Waldvogel-Leitner, Julie Moraine Park Technical College Financial Aid Manager 10/19/2016
Walser, David Holiday Inn Guest Service Manager 7/21/2015
Ward, Chris Fond du Lac Dock Spiders Director of Tickets 3/3/2017
Warnecke, Jackie Moraine Park Technical College Research Analyst 10/19/2016
Warner, Luke Excel Engineering, Inc. Designer 1 8/25/2017
Warren, Tracy Aurora Health Center Emergency Preparedness Coordinator & Trauma Coordinator 6/16/2017
Wedge, Natalie J. F. Ahern Co. Internal Communications Specialist 4/27/2017
Weed, Christine Wellness on a Budget Senior Marketing Exec. 11/1/2016
Wegner, Jessica FDL School District Instructional Aide 10/28/2016
Weier, Renee Agnesian HealthCare Director Emergency Department 12/22/2015
Wendorff, Lacey Grande 10/26/2011
Wenzel, Jill Agnesian HealthCare Director of Inpatient Services 5/12/2015
Werner, Lisa FDL School District ELL Teacher 6/5/2017
Werner, Marla Moraine Park Technical College HR Instructor 10/28/2016
Westphal, Jessica BCI Burke Company, LLC Sales Support Coordinator 7/6/2015
Wettstein, Lisa Brooke Industries, Inc. Work Skills Coordinator 3/1/2011
Wetzel, Rosanne Agnesian HealthCare Registered Dietitian / Patient Services Supervisor 12/7/2015
White, Megan Society Insurance PAL Customer Service Repersentative 3/11/2016
Whitinger, Marge Agnesian HealthCare Director of GI/Endoscopy, Neurodiagnostics & Center for Sleep Disorders 3/30/2015
Wiese, Tammy Agnesian HealthCare IT Business Analyst 3/30/2015
Wiese, Tiffany Agnesian HealthCare 5/11/2015
Wild, Julie wisnet.com, LLC 9/28/2017
Wild, Sara Michels Corporation Creative Supervisor 3/20/2014
Wilkins, Justin Mercury Marine 1st Shift Material Coordinator Supervisor 4/29/2016
Will, Melissa Aurora Health Center Business Services Supervisor 10/22/2015
Williams, Erica Mercury Marine 6/17/2016
Wills, Jeff Edward Jones Financial Advisor 1/29/2015
Wilsmann, Joshua Excel Engineering, Inc. Designer 9/29/2015
Wilson, Steven Salvation Army Captain / Corps Officer 9/13/2017
Winkler, Brock Holiday Inn Express & Suites General Manager 10/10/2014
Wisneski, Julie Aurora Health Center Community Outreach Coordinator 12/8/2017
Witt, David Holiday Automotive Product Specialist 5/12/2015
Wizner, Nick Agnesian HealthCare IT 6/22/2015
Wochos, Lauren Excel Engineering, Inc. Marketing & HR Coordinator 9/29/2015
Wojciechowski, Charles J. F. Ahern Co. Sales/PM 3/23/2018
Wolf, Kathy Verve, a Credit Union Operations/Community Partnership Coordinator 8/12/2016
Woods, Arika Agnesian HealthCare Academy Director/Supervisor 3/16/2018
Woolhether, Sarah FZE Manufacturing Solutions, LLC Customer Accounts Manager 10/4/2017
Wusterbarth, Tracy Society Insurance HR Generalist 5/11/2018
Wyrobeck, Steve Mercury Marine Planning Supervisior 3/31/2016
Xiong, Va J. F. Ahern Co. Accountant 5/12/2017
Yanagihashi, Pamela FDL School District Teacher 10/28/2016
Young, Tammy Big Brothers Big Sisters of FDL County Executive Director 10/22/2004
Zabel, Kalli St. Francis Home of Fond du Lac, WI Inc. Receptionist 7/26/2016
Zellner, Jason First Weber, Inc 1/25/2011
Zenner, Sam Aurora Health Center Patient Service Representative 6/24/2016
Zenner, Sarah ATI Physical Therapy Clinic Director & Physical Therapist 1/12/2018
Zettler, Dea Chase Relationship Banker 4/27/2018
Ziebert, Amy Agnesian HealthCare RN, Clinical Lead 5/11/2018
Ziegler, Julie FDL School District Special Education Teacher/Transition Coordinator 10/28/2016
Zirbel, Ben Excel Engineering, Inc. Designer 9/13/2017
Zitlow, Cheryl The Commonwealth Companies Project Assistant 2/26/2016
Zitlow, Courtney Grande Human Resources Generalist 3/31/2009
Zuelsdorf, Travis QPS Employment Group Placement Coordinator 3/3/2017
Zuleger, Lauren Grande Technical Services Scientist 10/13/2017
Zurmond, Morgan Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, Inc. 5/30/2017
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