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December 2020 YPF of the Month: Dr. Erin Cole

First and Last Name: Erin Cole, DDS
Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Marquette University & Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry
Describe Yourself in Three Words: Friendly, Honest, Loyal
Place of Employment and Position: General Dentist at Doyle-Kelly Family Dentistry
What do you enjoy the most about your current position?
I enjoy a lot about dentistry, but my favorite part is getting to see different patients everyday and keeping their smiles happy and healthy.
What is the one thing you would do if you knew you could not fail?
I would revive my passion for tennis and compete at Wimbledon or the US Open.

How has YPF contributed to your personal and/or professional development?
Since moving back to Fond du Lac, YPF has held multiple events where I was able to meet new people and network. Being a new dentist to the area I wanted to get involved in my community again and YPF is one way to do that.

Who or what is your source of professional inspiration?
I was inspired to pursue dentistry by many professionals in the Fond du Lac dental community. I shadowed at various dental offices while I was in high school and all of the dentists I talked to were very helpful and confident in their career choices. Dr. Kathleen Doyle-Kelly became my mentor during my dental school education. Her positive attitude and caring personality convinced me that I would enjoy working with her and her entire team once I returned to Fond du Lac.

What are some of the professional and volunteer groups you participate in?
Young Professionals of Fond du Lac
Fondy 100 Gives
Fond du Lac Save A Smile dental program
FDL County Dental Society – Treasurer beginning 2021
Wisconsin Dental Association
American Dental Association

In keeping with YPF’s theme for this year, “Say Yes,” when is a time that you “said yes” that has had an impact on your personal or professional life?
I had the opportunity to participate in a dental mission trip during my undergraduate studies in 2015. I said yes and spent my spring break serving the people of Jamaica. The trip taught me so much about dentistry and motivated me to continue working hard so I could help serve the dental needs of people in my own community as well.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Fond du Lac area?
I enjoy boat rides on Lake Winnebago as well as walking/biking along the Fond du Lac loop trail. I also love going to the Little Farmer and stopping at Gilles.

Where do you see the Fond du Lac area in 5 years?
I continue to see growth and new development within Fond du Lac and the surrounding area in the next 5 years. Growing up here, I am amazed at how many new businesses have opened up since I left and I am excited for the future.

What words of wisdom do you have for other young professionals working in Fond du Lac?
Continue to engage in as many events as possible. Connect with others through YPF and other organizations vowing to never stop learning.

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