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May 2019 YP of the Month: Samantha Dooley

Hometown: Mayville, WI

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design; Currently a candidate for Masters of Business Administration

Describe Yourself in Three Words: determined, sharp, team player

Place of Employment and Position: Marketing Manager, Sysco Eastern Wisconsin


What do you enjoy the most about your current position?

The near endless opportunity for growth. I am encouraged to explore and test boundaries, to fail and keep going. I’ve learned so much in my time with Sysco. Some lessons were harder than others, but ultimately they all contributed to the professional I am today.


What is the one thing you would do if you knew you could not fail? 

Open a horse sanctuary that’s also a winery but also an art studio. And also a bookshop. With a dedicated gluten-free kitchen.


How has YPF contributed to your personal and/or professional development?

Getting involved in a committee has been an invaluable experience. It can seem a bit daunting jumping right in, but it was worth it. Networking and connecting with people, whether it’s through the committee work or just enjoying an event, has really helped me learn how to work with all different personalities. It also helped me learn to take risks.


Who or what is your source of professional inspiration?

My supervisor is a huge source of professional inspiration for me. I’ve learned so much from her in our time working together. She’s genuinely dedicated to seeing me and our team succeed. Knowing she has my back no matter what has really helped me flourish in my role and seek new ways to contribute. I’m proud to be on her team and I look up to her as an example of what a great leader in today’s business culture is.


What are some of the professional and volunteer groups you participate in?

I am currently co-chairing the YPF Marketing Committee (The Marketing Committee is STELLAR!). I was also the Employee Campaign Coordinator for Sysco Eastern Wisconsin’s in the 2018 United Way-Washington County Annual Campaign. I’m also a Career Coach with Inspire Washington County and help answer students’ questions through their online Career Cruising platform.


What is your favorite thing to do in the Fond du Lac area?

My family and I love the Fond du Lac area so much. During the summer, we take Saturday to stock up at the farmer’s market, visit the library and go for a nice swim at the Y. We also enjoy spending time at beautiful Lakeside Park and supporting the amazing restaurant scene in town. We also like getting out and seeing the area around the city.


Where do you see the Fond du Lac area in 5 years?

Bustling and growing! There are so many great reasons for businesses and families to invest in Fond du Lac. I firmly believe we’ll be one of the most sought after places to work and live, with a diverse community, beautiful spaces and thriving businesses. My husband and I could not imagine raising our daughter anywhere else.


What words of wisdom do you have for other young professionals working in Fond du Lac?

Don’t settle for standing on the shore; get your feet wet! Don’t accept excuses, not even your own. Not sure where to start? Start small and keep moving. Be a wave of energy, optimism and action. Don’t forget to stop for a cool brew while smelling the roses. Life (and work) is what you make it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to give help when asked.

For more information on the Young Professionals of Fond du Lac, visit www.ypfdl.org.

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